About HuntMap

HuntMap is the trade mark and D/B/A of HuntMap, LLC and is a family owned and operated business located in Phoenix, Arizona. HuntMap, LLC is one of the southwest’s leading providers of costume topographic maps and Geographic Information System (GIS) services.

HuntMap, pioneered the GMU specific commercial map concept over 20-years ago. Viktor M. Keenan, then Vice-president of BlueBird GeoGraphics, Inc, developed the HuntMap concept in 1998 and co-patented  the HuntMap product in 2004. HuntMap is a revolutionary map designed specifically for Hunters in the southwest. Mr. Keenan realized that hunters in Arizona had specific needs regarding maps. First and foremost hunters needed a map that:

  • Show the entire hunt unit on one map;
  • secondly hunters needed to know access into their hunt unit, current forest service road, BLM roads and trails;
  • third they needed a map that showed where all the water sources are; and
  • finally hunters needed maps that could hold up to the weather and elements and never rip at the seams.

As a degreed geographer, Viktor made it his mission to solve these needs. Falling back on his experience growing up camping in the Adirondack wilderness, in upstate New York, with his dad; his Civil Air Patrol search and rescue training, and 19+ years of experience in GIS. Viktor painstakingly asked hunters to field test his prototypes. The result was HUNTMAP the perfect map for scouting and hunting.

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HuntMap, LLC: maintains the copyrights and patent ownership of the HuntMap™ name, product and the following websites:

Viktor Keenan
President of Map Stuff

Over 20 years of spatial analysis/Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography and data conversion..

Jacquelyn G. (Gorgeous) Keenan
Vice-President of Important Stuff

20 years of accounting and software experience

Jack Keenan
Principal - Director of GIS

Over 35 years in GIS / Parks and Recreations and Historic Preservation, and the Natural Resources Conservations Service.